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Shanghai Serich Nonferrous Alloy Co.Ltd

Sales dept Ⅰ(IT product): Manager He

Sales dept Ⅱ:Manager Wan

Address:No.508, Hui Ke Road, Zhang Yan Industrial 
Zone, Jin Shan District, Shanghai

About us

        Located in Zhang Yan Industrial Zone, Jin Shan District, Shanghai, Shanghai Serich Nonferrous Alloy Co., Ltd. was founded in August of 1992, formerly known as “Shanghai Yi Jie Light Alloy Co., Ltd”. Equipped with advanced facilities for melting, casting, extrusion, heat treatment and inspection instruments, it is a professional enterprise developing and manufacturing medium and high end Aluminum extrusion profiles. The company is dedicated in IT and Automotive industry and has collected a lot of knowledge and experience. Leveraging on scientific management, excellent quality and satisfying service system, it became Apple’s core supplier for computer casing Aluminum extrusion profile in 2008 and now is one of the leading corporations in this field. Meanwhile, the company goes ahead with innovation also in the automotive sector, developing and producing parts like the ABS valve and bumper anti-collision beam, etc. The main advantages we have are: 1. Many years’ experience in Aluminum profile field; 2. Business concentrated, long term focused in IT and Automotive industry, per capita output over 2 million; 3. ISO quality system operating effectively for many years; 4. Aluminum bars are self melted and casted, easy to control the quality; 5. Double filtration: first ceramic filtration second tube filtration(the most advanced filtration in current Aluminum extrusion field), prevent the inclusions and improve the quality; 6. Online peeling, then directly to extrusion, prevents the oxidation for the second time, thus guarantee the inner quality of the profile; 7. Convenient traffic condition, the location is less than 500m distant from the entrance of S19 Xin Wei Highway. Since it is founded, the company has always been adhering to “Precision, Market Concentration, Innovation and Sincere Cooperation” and sustainably providing best products and service to its customers. It reached an average annual compound growth rate 15% in the past 5 years, economic effect improving and comprehensive strength enhancing accordingly. Serich shall never stop the pace of cooperating with friends from various fields of the society, so as to create a better future together.


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