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Shanghai Serich Welcome the New Year Sports Meeting
On Dec 31st 2014, our company held the sports meeting, with the theme of Welcome the New Year, innovate the enterprise culture and show the company style. This was the first sports meeting, and was very successful because of careful organization of all departments and active performance of all players and judges.
The first item, tug-of-war started at 12:30. Totally 8 teams took part in, respectively from melting& casting workshop, extrusion workshop, slicing workshop, CNC workshop, logistic, quality& engineering department, office I and office II. There were Preliminaries, Semi-final and Final. In the cheering hurrah, the extrusion workshop got champion, the melting& casting workshop and slicing workshop ranked the second and the third.
The second item, rope jumping competition was 3 minutes timing, where most people joined in. At last, Li Shiying from the finished products warehouse got the champion with 578 score.
There were many masters in the table tennis competition. It is unpredicted that the torrent player was phased out in the preliminaries. Song Guojun won the championship and Zi Xiaobo and Wang Shuguang ranked the second and the third place. The chess competition used one time match and thus exist some incident. The so called torrent player was beaten down suddenly in extreme advantages by Tan Xin from extrusion workshop and ended up the second place.
Through holding these activities, company creates joyful atmosphere for its staff and also suggests the mental care for the staff.

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