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Full Participation, Casting Quality
Quality Year Motivating Meeting of 2015
On 8 am of Jan 16th, 2015, Serich held the Quality Year Sports Motivating Meeting at the office building square. Our boss, Mr Zhang Fangjie and deputy general managers ZC Wang, YP Qian, ZC Meng, BG Fang, WY Li and QF Song presented the meeting. All employees from each department and workshop joined.
Mr Zhang made the speech, starting the motivation meeting. He analyzed the company production business condition of 2014, the achievements we made and the challenges still in front of us. He pointed out our company is still facing the changeable international situation and in such severe situation, our company need to find out how to response to the calling of energy saving policy of our country, how to innovate continuously, how to improve the companys core competence, how to maintain the leading position among more than 1000 Aluminum extrusion enterprises? The answer is to get customer through quality, get development through quality and get win win strategy from quality. He required all the employees to have the sense of casting quality, manufacturing products with good quality, step by step, to make continuous improvement.
After that, the management representative presented the quality implementing plan of 2015: improve the employees quality sense and knowledge, improve the effectiveness of quality system, improve the performance of products and process, reduce the quality cost and improve customer satisfaction. And the workshop leaders expressed their determination of following the companys specification on the quality, following the SOP strictly and controlling each quality point of production process. And they will pass the sense to each operator that quality is produced, not inspected.
The meeting ended in the slogan of all employees: Customer utmost, full participation, continuous improvement, casting quality.

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