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I루Enterprise Vision

  Become one of the domestic leading Aluminum alloy profile enterprises, 
specialized in R&D, Production and Sales


Accelerate the enterprise to grow and develop through constant 
passion and rational and cautious management.

IʹCorporate  Mission

Provide high quality, reliable and cost-effective superior aluminum alloy profiles for 
the automobile industry and IT equipment manufacturers at home and abroad

Ilչ·Developing   Approach

 Create values for customer and seek self-development 
with superior products and best service
kԭtAction  Principle

Responsible, meticulous, pursuit of perfect

ărֵ^Core  Values 

Develop based on the need of customer, provide challenging products and service for the automotive industry and IT equipment manufacturers at home and abroad, so as to realize the market value as well as social value of the enterprise

INMarkting philosohy)

  Win the market with integrity, maintain the market with cooperation,
consolidate the market with quality and win the trust with service

HR  Philosophy)

Talent is the foundation of enterprise and the source of development

aProduction   Management   Philosophy)

 Flow of control to improve production efficiency; site process control to improve product quality; 

manufacturing actuarial reduce production costs.
  Improve the production efficiency by process flow control, 

promote the product quality by on site process control and reduce the production cost by precise manufacturing calculation, 

so as to establish a production operation system with quick response, 

balanced and fluent operation and precise calculation and control.

IEnterprise  Spirit

United, harmonious, forward and beyond

Ʒ|Quality   Management   Philosophy

Superior quality is the premise of wining the market and cooperation. 
Defective product is produced instead of inspected. Product quality is the quality of work and is the direct indication of 
responsible spirit. Product quality means a lot, you can get 100 score otherwise 0

ОʄtCode  of  Conduct 

Be practical, stick to principle, and regard the company benefit as the starting point and foothold

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